Sunday, October 1, 2017

Bold New Hues

Bold new hues for the season ahead...
With Autumn now officially upon us it is likely that if you haven't already, you'll soon be digging out those cosy knits and coats ready for the season ahead.

Is it time to embrace some bold new hues?

The new season offers a great opportunity to try some new shades from your colour palette. Many of us will gravitate towards the same few colours time and again, but as you prepare your wardrobe for Autumn, take the time to have another look at your swatch wallet and experiment with some new colours.

This season, RED is THE colour to be seen in, but there are also lots of GREENS and BLUES to choose from too.

Whichever colour, or colours, you choose to embrace, there will be a shade to suit YOU, whatever colour category you fall into.
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Both your colour category and your style personality will play a big part in which of this season's hottest colours you choose to wear.

RED is a colour which signifies passion, energy and power, so those with DRAMATIC and CREATIVE style personalities may find yourselves drawn to this shade worn quite dominantly as part of your look. A red dress, shoes or bag are all great ways to stand out!

Those who fall into the CITY CHIC category may simply opt for a subtle red manicure or lipstick as a nod to the trend.
Discover your style personality
Those with a NATURAL or CLASSIC style personality will most probably want to opt for slightly subtler shades this season. With an array of greens on offer, it could be that you decide to try adding this as a new colour to your wardrobe.

From Apple Green through to Sage, there are a variety of greens to choose from depending on what your dominant colour category is.

Those of you who fall into the SOFT colour category will look great in knitwear in greens that are a medium-depth. Try an Olive jacket or even a hat to give you the perfect protection from Autumn showers.
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With the shops now full of fresh new Autumn/Winter stock there is no better time to assess what you have and invest ONLY in the pieces that suit your colouring, body shape and style personality.

Now is the time to get that makeover booked in so you can start the new season is style!
Pashion Style by Allie Alderson
Don't forget to update your make-up too!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

New Colour Me Beautiful online store - FREE UK STANDARD delivery on all orders over £30

To celebrate the launch of my new Colour Me Beautiful online portal I am offering FREE UK STANDARD delivery on all orders over £30 up to midnight on October 31st.*

It's new, it's modern, it's as up-to-date as it could possibly be and, I'm sure that you'll find the whole shopping experience amazingly quick and simple!
Here are the key benefits:
  • Colour choice made easy - select your colouring type and view only the shades that suit you!
  • There's no need to complete your shopping all at once as your chosen items will stay in your basket for 72 hours.
  • You can view your 'purchase history' to make re-ordering easy.
  • The video guides for each colouring type demonstrate some simple application techniques. My colleague Jacqui, did a superb job applying make-up to some great models and, Suzanne Hall (ex Hollyoaks star) is the presenter.

View my website:
*excl. P&P. Offer ends 31st October 2016

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY Announced as the Pantone Colours for 2016

Following the announcement that ROSE QUARTZ and SERENITY (or OPAL and BLUEBELL in CMB terms) as the Pantone Colours of 2106 here are some tips on how you can incorporate these colours into your wardrobes.

It’s all in the name – calm, peaceful, charming, tranquil and soothing.

How are you going to wear the colours of the year in 2016?   To wear the colours of the year in 2016 it is a question of personality and colouring

·         If you have pale blond hair, pale eyes and pale skin tone, you will be in heaven!  Both these shades are 100% you.  However beware that you do not appear too girly if you want to wear them head to toe.  This look is OK on the beach and in the evening, but in the office keep the colours working for you by wearing either colour as a top, blouse, jacket, or scarf.

·         Regardless of your skin tone, if you are at the opposite end of the spectrum with dark hair and eyes, then you will need to wear Rose Quartz and Serenity as an accent colour in a print, or in contrast with your darker neutral shades. 

·         You will need to be careful wearing these colours if you are a red-head with freckles and green eyes.  You are best wearing warmer colours; of the two Pantone colours of the year, Rose Quartz will be the best for you, but worn together with shades from your warm palettes.  Both these shades work beautifully well with browns and terracotta shades.

·         If you have ash or silver grey hair, these colours are just magnificent on you – but again be careful how to wear them for daytime.  Mix them with your greys, darker pinks and darker blues for great effect.

·         If you are a lady with dark hair and bright blue or green eyes,  Rose Quartz is the best colour for you to wear, but you will need to wear it as part of a contrasting set of colours to create a complimentary outfit.

·         Finally, if you have mousey hair that you have highlighted, the best way to make these two soft shades work for you is to blend them gently with other colours from your palette.

How you wear the Pantone 2016 colours will also depend on your Style Personality.

If you are Romantic, you will simply love those soft, feminine shades.

If you are a Dramatic or Creative, and like to create a wow factor with the way your dress, you will need to wear Rose Quartz and Serenity in contrast with the other shades in your wardrobe. 

If you are a Classic lady, a neat jacket  or a nice blouse in either of these colour  will work perfectly for you.  Just make sure that you wear the colours according to your own colouring palette.

If you are a jeans and t-shirt girl, you may choose to switch your grey and white tops, to something in Rose Quartz or Serenity for a change.

The City Chics will wear the 2016 Pantone colours, discretely and elegantly without bringing too much attention to it – just demonstrating she is always in the know as to what is what.  This might be by simply done by tying a scarf to your handbag.

The Beauty industry is going to have a great year as these two colours will translate so beautifully in make-up colours.

- Colour Me Beautiful

Thursday, October 23, 2014

iStylista by Colour Me Beautiful Launch

Introducing iStylista

  • You are only a few clicks away from finding the clothes that suit your colouring and body shape best.
  • We scan the shops and pre-select the best colours and styles for you.
  • You choose; you buy.

For decades colour me beautiful have been helping women to find
out what colours and styles of clothes suit them best. By working in
partnership with iStylista, we are now able to use our expertise to
help you shop the best of the High Street and designer collections
from the comfort of your home, safe in the knowledge that what you
buy will fit and complimenting your colouring and shape.

Thanks to iStylista by colour me beautiful the fashion-conscious can
now receive regular, inspirational style advice from the world’s
leading image consultancy, as well as a selection of handpicked
items of clothing that are not just perfect for them but that also suit
the occasion they are shopping for.

Managed exclusively by a team of professional stylists, clothing is
selected from a host of your favourite High Street and designer
retailers and matched to your shape, style, natural colouring and
budget. iStylista by colour me beautiful is a value-led service, ideal
for those who struggle with time, confidence and buying the ‘right’

To start receiving personalised style advice from iStylista by colour
me beautiful all you have to do is register online via the website and provide a few of your personal details
including your natural colouring, body shape and size. The iStylista
by colour me beautiful team will give you the confidence of knowing
that you are wearing clothes that suit you and are 100% right for
whatever the occasion you are shopping for: a new job, a new
relationship, a holiday, a special event ... you name it, we’ll find it for
you. Our stylists scan the shops every day, and every day hundreds
of new looks are added to the iStylista website. So go and fill in your
profile and start discovering colours and styles that are just right for
you! Shop online with confidence; not only are you now able to
choose from the best of this season’s fashion collections but you
also know that the items you choose will look great because they
match your colouring and body shape.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer colour combinations for your colouring

The sun is out which means there is no better time to embrace colour.  How you wear your colours will depend on how you like to dress and what looks good on you. It will also depend on where you work and how you spend your free time. 

Here are some colour combinations for each dominant colouring that will make you look good and feel good. There is something for work, something for play and colours you can wear with white - this season's freshest look.

Colour combinations for a LIGHT colouring

Colour combinations for a DEEP colouring

Colour combinations for a WARM colouring

Colour combinations for a COOL colouring

Colour combinations for a CLEAR colouring

Colour combinations for a SOFT colouring

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Radiant Orchid: Expert advice from Cliff Bashforth on how to wear it

Pantone have announced the colour for 2014 is RADIANT ORCHID - a tricky colour to wear! Below is advice from Cliff Bashforth on how to wear it. 

Cliff is a leading Image guru and Master of the International Federation of Image Consultants, as well as being Colour Me Beautiful's top consultant.

"Blonde hair/light eyes: Choose light/mid-tone neutrals/colours to avoid high contrast."

"Dark-haired/dark-eyed girls should wear with depth for contrast."

"Red-heads/strawberry blondes: only wear mixed/away from face or accessories Add warm tones and be creative."

"If you have ash brown/blonde/grey hair...its so you."

"Mousey/Blonde Soft/Dark eyes wear blended with little contrast."

Note: All images and advice are from Cliff's Twitter feed.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Boost your body confidence

We all have parts of our bodies that we would like to change, but to dress well you need to learn to dress the body you have and not the body you want.  The key is to understand what suits you and learn to enjoy dressing YOUR body.  

Style should be a pleasure and everyone can feel good in what they wear every day, whatever your age, shape, size, lifestyle or budget.  

Change your mindset: We all come in different shapes and sizes, be proud of your uniqueness!

Know your colouring
Colour can give you an instant update and make you look younger and more vibrant, provided you get it right. There may be some colours you love but do they love you back, be honest.  It's most important to wear the right colours close to your face so invest in at least a couple of tops in your best shades.

Know your body shape
When you know your shape you can choose the most flattering styles and avoid those that don't complement your figure.  You probably have some items in your wardrobe you look and feel great in and others that do the opposite. Invest in more of the clothes you know you look good in.
Accentuate the positive
The ideal body shape is in perfect proportion so what we are trying to achieve when we dress is to create outfits which make us look balanced and in proportion.  In order to do that you need to learn how to emphasize certain areas and disguise others.

Be inspired by fashion but don't be a slave to it
Magazines and retailers create looks for you to aspire to but you need to be realistic. Most of us won't achieve the exact same look as a 6ft 21-year-old model most of the time - but, you can take inspiration from bits of it and find the pieces that you know will work for you.

Show your personality!
Your clothes should express who you are!  Most of us like to wear different looks on different days, perhaps chic and traditional one day, funky or creative the next. We feel good not only when something is the right fit and colour but when we feel something is really 'us'. The more confident you become in choosing the right clothes, the more comfortable you will be in expressing your personality and you will then create your signature style.

Checklist to body confidence
  • Avoid items that you know don't suit you and focus on those that do
  • Accentuate the good and disguise the not-so-good; create a 'balanced' look
  • Don't try to dress like someone else, you want to look good as YOU
  • Love the body you have and enjoy creating and showing off your style!